Casino Royale DVD Comes Out, But Camp Still Lacking

You can watch clips from the extras on the Casino Royale DVD, which went on sale Tuesday, over at Yahoo Movies. I enjoyed the background on the crane fight and the beach horseback riding.

Casino Royale trio

I won’t be buying the DVD, though, because I didn’t like Casino Royale all that much overall. Sure it was stylish and sexy and had some excellent action sequences to go with a few good quips in the script. Despite all of that, I was sad that the camp fun of previous Bond films was gone, replaced with 007 as cold-blooded assassin and a nasty torture scene that must have been inspired by 24. I enjoyed the James Bond franchise more back when it was something that could be easily parodied by an Austin Powers movie. Now it’s trying to be just another cutting-edge action film series.

ADDENDUM: I meant to say that I’m also quite sick of watching people playing cards as if that’s even remotely exciting. This may be my residual bitterness at the World Series of Poker getting far too much coverage on ESPN.


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