Matt Jones Calls Joey Porter Gay

November 6, 2008

Or at least he seems to be implying that much:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jacksonville receiver Matt Jones snapped back at Joey Porter on Thursday, a day after the outspoken Miami Dolphins linebacker questioned how Jones could still be playing despite having a felony cocaine charge against him earlier this year.

“I don’t even know why he’s even thinking about me,” Jones said. “I mean, maybe he likes other men and sits up and thinks about stuff, so I don’t know. … Is Joey Porter the commissioner? Then why would I even worry about it?”

Maybe he likes men?


Florida-Penn State

November 3, 2008

Despite Alabama and Texas Tech being 1-2 in the new BCS rankings, both ESPN bowl projectionists predict a Florida-Penn State national championship game.

Personally, I would most like to see the Big 12 Champ and SEC Champ play for the national title, with Penn State and USC playing in the Rose Bowl. I think everyone acknowledges the Big 12 and SEC to be the top conferences, and I enjoy keeping the Big Ten-Pac 10 Rose Bowl setup whenever possible. Unfortunately, it looks like Penn State will get through undefeated and defeat this plan (unless Alabama and Texas Tech both win out, which no one thinks will happen). But in college football, we should know better by now than to think we can figure out the BCS picture before the final week of the regular season is done. Penn State is at Iowa and then home for Indiana and Michigan State to close out the season.

Mike Singletary Strips, Communes with the Dead

November 1, 2008

I was intrigued by the RSS headline from ESPN: “Singletary explains reasoning for dropping pants.” Amazingly, nowhere in the article does the author share the most pressing question about this incident. I had to go to this column to learn that “he was considerate enough to keep his boxers on.”

My goodness, are we really only one game into Mike Singletary’s tenure in San Fran? There are already so many great moments to choose from. This one, not of his making admittedly, is my favorite so far. Sadly, the video has been removed from most places by the fascists in the NFL offices, but you can still see it in all its glory as part of Deadspin’s weekly wrap-up.

Dice-K and his “Spouse”

July 29, 2007

I was watching Red Sox-Devil Rays a few minutes ago, and the sideline reporter said the Japanese media members were all excited because today is the first game Daisuke Matsuzaka has pitched where the catcher has been someone other than Jason Varitek (who is getting a day off after playing 12 innings last night). The reporter informed viewers that in Japanese culture, the catcher is considered to be the pitcher’s “spouse.” Then they go back to the booth, and Jerry Remy says, “So Daisuke today is cheating on Jason Varitek?”

Dice-K and Varitek

I’m guessing the Japanese have some other connotation for “spouse” that gets lost in the translation.

“Oh my goodness gracious!”

May 11, 2007

As Bill Simmons mentioned yesterday, Suzyn Waldman sounded like she might need an exorcism when she reacted to the announcement that Roger Clemens was coming back during the Yankees radio broadcast on Sunday. Listen to the audio link and you will hear her scary, guttural utterances of surprise.

Unlike Either Fighter, Video Taken Down

May 8, 2007

By reading MJD’s post at Deadspin on Sunday, I learned that the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight was on YouTube and so I rewatched some of it on account of not having seen some of it that well the first time around. Now comes the inevitable news that HBO had YouTube pull the video as of 4pm Monday due to a copyright complaint. This is why MJD, in providing the link to the bout, wrote, “I suggest you enjoy it as soon as you possibly can.”

I’m not here to bash copyright law, though it would be nice if boxing could get away from the pay-per-view model and have title fights on network TV or basic cable (I know, not going to happen). What strikes me about this episode and various other recent events is that it was predictable this would get on YouTube, be watched by lots of people, then be removed. It’s an easy way to avoid paying the $55 for the fight if you’re willing to wait until someone posts it the next day.

I can’t help but think that copyright holders will get wise to this recurrent pattern and crack down on the YouTubes of the world more effectively in the future. We might remember this as the golden age of free web video, much like Napster circa 2000.

Also see the Bill Simmons rant about the “business arrangement” between the boxers and hilarious recap of Floyd Mayweather Sr’s interview.

Tony Dungy, Bookie

May 7, 2007

Peter King:

If I’m Tony Dungy, I have my perfect pre-training-camp speech. “No one thinks we’re going to win it again,” he could say. “Look at Vegas. All you did last year was answer every challenge, and all our major pieces are still in place, and we had a great draft. And the oddsmakers start you at 6-1 to win the Super Bowl, drop you to 7-1 and now you’re 8-1? If that isn’t the biggest lack of respect I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is.”

I really doubt the bible-thumping Dungy is watching the Vegas line on his team that closely, but who knows.