Why the Apple-Sony Hostility?

April 10, 2007

According to Gizmodo, Apple took a “potshot at Sony” in making the announcement Monday that 100 million iPods had been sold, beating out the Walkman for the title of “fastest-selling music player in history.” I’m not exactly plugged into all the tech wars out there, so I ask: what’s Apple’s beef with Sony?

PC World adds some perspective on things:

Back in January, 2004, Apple released a press statement trumpeting the fact that it had sold over two million iPods. Neat. A year later, it bragged that it had sold ten million of ’em. Even more impressive.

And today, it’s telling the world that it’s sold a hundred million iPods since the first one appeared a bit over five years ago, which it says makes its iconic little gadgets the fastest-growing music players in history.

Hey, at least the walkman allowed me to listen to regular AM/FM radio.