Attacking Deval Patrick’s Wife

Showing all of the tact that led to Kerry Healey’s thrashing at the polls in November, Massachusetts Republican blogs have had some rather crass things to say about the revelation that Deval Patrick’s wife is suffering from depression after his bumpy start as governor.

The Mass GOP blog insists on referring to Diane Patrick as “Kitty”–a reference to former Bay State first lady Kitty Dukakis, who also suffered from depression–and ask in the post title, “Diane Kitty Patrick suffering from Depression. Or is she?” Meanwhile, the Deval Patrick Watch, apparently a spin off of the right-leaning Hub Politics, chimes in with a post entitled “A Sympathy Ploy?

Keep it up, guys, and you will manage to maintain a miniscule Republican presence in Massachusetts regardless of any dumb things Deval Patrick does while in office.


2 Responses to Attacking Deval Patrick’s Wife

  1. frank rizzo says:

    When the state is paying for her staff, she has entered the public domain. Deval should tell the truth if there is nothing to hide. If there is nothing to be ashamed of why act ashamed? Every other stupid mistake and half truth he has told has been to deceive. He is a true clintonista.

  2. dimmykarras says:

    I’m telling you guys, acting like insensitive pricks isn’t going to help you politically. Even if you have some legit questions about how this situation is being handled, there are tactful ways to ask them. Instead you seem to be still stuck in the mindset that’s it’s a good idea to go demonstrate outside the Patricks’ house.

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