Matt Jones Calls Joey Porter Gay

November 6, 2008

Or at least he seems to be implying that much:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jacksonville receiver Matt Jones snapped back at Joey Porter on Thursday, a day after the outspoken Miami Dolphins linebacker questioned how Jones could still be playing despite having a felony cocaine charge against him earlier this year.

“I don’t even know why he’s even thinking about me,” Jones said. “I mean, maybe he likes other men and sits up and thinks about stuff, so I don’t know. … Is Joey Porter the commissioner? Then why would I even worry about it?”

Maybe he likes men?



November 2, 2008

Which games are you getting this Sunday?

Mike Singletary Strips, Communes with the Dead

November 1, 2008

I was intrigued by the RSS headline from ESPN: “Singletary explains reasoning for dropping pants.” Amazingly, nowhere in the article does the author share the most pressing question about this incident. I had to go to this column to learn that “he was considerate enough to keep his boxers on.”

My goodness, are we really only one game into Mike Singletary’s tenure in San Fran? There are already so many great moments to choose from. This one, not of his making admittedly, is my favorite so far. Sadly, the video has been removed from most places by the fascists in the NFL offices, but you can still see it in all its glory as part of Deadspin’s weekly wrap-up.

Browns still QB shopping

January 1, 2008

Cleveland might be willing to trade Derek Anderson this offseason and turn the offense over to Brady Quinn, who went 3-for-8 in limited action on Sunday, with two potential TDs dropped.

If I were a Browns fan, I would be concerned that Romeo Crennel is the one making the call on this. After all, he started freaking Charlie Frye in the season opener this year, only to trade him after week one and go with the vastly superior Anderson for the rest of the season. Apparently, Crennel couldn’t figure out that one of his QBs was far better than the other through the entire preseason, and making the right call initially might have given the Browns a chance in that first game and a chance to be in the playoffs this weekend. Now Crennel is being called on to make a franchise-changing decision on the QB of the future, but is he up to the task of evaluating talent at the position?

Crennel Laughing

Don Banks Says Samuel Will Cave Soon

July 28, 2007

Don Banks filed a report from Patriots training camp, including this bit about the Asante Samuel holdout:

We’re probably in the face-saving stage of the stand-off, and you can tell that by the noticeably softer tone coming from Samuel’s agents in recent days. Samuel needlessly took a hard-line stance early on in negotiations, threatening to hold out for the season’s first 10 weeks unless he received a new long-term deal. That’s not going to happen, because Samuel isn’t going to walk away from any of the regular-season game checks that come with his $7.79 million franchise tender.

Now it’s probably just a matter of Samuel staying away from camp long enough so that it doesn’t look like he quickly caved in to the Patriots after talking so tough all offseason. Just after New England plays its second preseason game is a reasonable date to expect him.

I was never clear on how this “sit out the first ten games” threat would work out in practice anyway. Would Samuel really expect the team to welcome him back after skipping more than two months of the season in a contract dispute? Wouldn’t the Patriots Keyshawn him at that point?

Asante Samuel dancing

It sounds like we won’t find out how this would’ve gone because it won’t be happening. That’s comforting to hear in light of the news that Chad Scott, who would’ve been Samuel’s likely replacement at cornerback, was carted off the practice field with a knee injury on Friday.

Michael Vick in Better Days

July 27, 2007

With the Michael Vick dog fighting arraignment hitting the national news today, it has come to my attention that there are plenty of people out there who are not aware of Vick’s body of work on the football field over the years. Specifically, my dad earlier this evening was wondering about who this Vick character was, and I explained that I’ve enjoyed seeing him play many times.

In thinking back on my favorite Vick-watching moments, I realized that his Virginia Tech performances left the deepest impression on me; exciting as Vick has been as a pro, he has never attained the lofty potential people saw in him and has always been considered a tantalizing disappointment. But when he first burst onto the football scene in 1999, he was an absolute sensation.

That’s all by way of introduction to a few YouTube clips. Here’s the game-winning drive in Tech’s win over West Virginia in November 1999, a victory that kept the Hokies alive for a berth in the national championship game (they lost to Florida State). On the drive, just when the Mountaineers look ready to claim the upset, Vick pulls of a scramble down the sideline to set up a late field goal.

The following season, I vividly remember seeing Vick play a game at Boston College where he simply could not be tackled by the defense. The 82-yard touchdown run, where Vick shakes off a defender who face masks him just before getting to the end zone, is just ridiculous.

I couldn’t find any clip, but I would have to say that the game Vick played in the Falcons 2002 tie at Pittsburgh is one of my favorite NFL viewing experiences ever. The wild card win at Lambeau field was also a lot of fun.

In conclusion, I hope these memories can remain, despite the awful imagery of dead animals that will now seemingly surround Vick’s name forever.

Tony Dungy, Bookie

May 7, 2007

Peter King:

If I’m Tony Dungy, I have my perfect pre-training-camp speech. “No one thinks we’re going to win it again,” he could say. “Look at Vegas. All you did last year was answer every challenge, and all our major pieces are still in place, and we had a great draft. And the oddsmakers start you at 6-1 to win the Super Bowl, drop you to 7-1 and now you’re 8-1? If that isn’t the biggest lack of respect I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is.”

I really doubt the bible-thumping Dungy is watching the Vegas line on his team that closely, but who knows.