Browns still QB shopping

Cleveland might be willing to trade Derek Anderson this offseason and turn the offense over to Brady Quinn, who went 3-for-8 in limited action on Sunday, with two potential TDs dropped.

If I were a Browns fan, I would be concerned that Romeo Crennel is the one making the call on this. After all, he started freaking Charlie Frye in the season opener this year, only to trade him after week one and go with the vastly superior Anderson for the rest of the season. Apparently, Crennel couldn’t figure out that one of his QBs was far better than the other through the entire preseason, and making the right call initially might have given the Browns a chance in that first game and a chance to be in the playoffs this weekend. Now Crennel is being called on to make a franchise-changing decision on the QB of the future, but is he up to the task of evaluating talent at the position?

Crennel Laughing

One Response to Browns still QB shopping

  1. Shea says:

    I would be weary about trading Derek Anderson if I am the Browns. Sure, Brady Quinn is a first-round pick with much invested into him, but Derek Anderson is a stud. Last season, the Bears traded away Thomas Jones (the better running back) simply because Cedric Benson had been the number four overall pick. We know how that turned out. I say keep both for another year, and then if anything, trade Quinn.

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