Reggie Bush may not be so innocent after all

This is still not confirmed, as evident by the headline of “Tapes could confirm Bush received gifts”, but it sure sounds a lot more likely that Reggie Bush could be caught for some sort of wrongdoing now that we know taped conversations exist in the case.

Reggie Bush takes a bribe from Mickey

The stakes are high as Bush could be forced to give up his Heisman trophy, USC could be stripped of its national titles, and the fond memories of college football fans like me could be sullied by all this unpleasantness. USC now doesn’t seem so out of line about not wanting Bush on the sideline for the Rose Bowl earlier this month.I am left with two questions about the story, beyond the obvious issue of when we might find out what is on those tapes. First, why does the timing seem fishy to me? The Saints’ season ended just a few days ago. Imagine if Reggie Bush had to deal with questions about all of this during the pre-Super Bowl fortnight-long media circus. Is it pure coincidence this didn’t come out until Bush’s offseason?

And second, since when does break big stories like this?


9 Responses to Reggie Bush may not be so innocent after all

  1. dimmykarras says:

    If any WordPress gurus know how to make the text stay away from the photo a little more, I would appreciate their advice. I am still new to this blogging platform.

  2. Tishana says:

    oh Reggie you look so cute with Micky

  3. Parris James says:

    I love Reggie Bush he is so fine and i want to have his babies i dont care how much they lose he is still fine oooooooooooo daddy!!!!!!!

  4. aliya says:

    i love u reggie bush

  5. alexis says:


  6. alexis says:


  7. Joe Black says:

    I freaking love Reggie so much! Your stalker!

  8. shaniece says:

    this is your BIGGEST FAN and leodis mckelvin is going to playin wit you on the saints. you are SSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FFFFFFFFFFFFFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Gosip Artis says:

    Gosip Artis…

    […]Reggie Bush may not be so innocent after all « Dimmy Karras[…]…

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