Why are they turning on Ehud Olmert now?

May 3, 2007

I was trying to italicize the “now” in the title but WordPress doesn’t seem to want me to do that. Anyway, I am referring to the mass protests calling for Israeli PM Ehud Olmert to resign. Yes, I know an official report came out a few days ago criticizing his handling of the war with Lebanon last summer. But wasn’t it obvious at the time that Olmert messed that whole thing up terribly? Why did people wait around for an official report nine months later to push for his ouster?

Other fun facts: Olmert has “single-digit” approval ratings in the polls — how is it possible to be that unpopular? — and two-thirds of Israelis want him to quit (so far Olmert is trying to cling to his post a la Alberto Gonzales and Paul Wolfowitz). Also, Israel’s foreign minister has a first name that is pronounced “Zippy.”