Bench-Clearing Shenanigans at Fenway Opening Day

April 10, 2007

Because I didn’t see the game on TV this afternoon, I may not be fully understanding exactly what happened in the incident described in this Red Sox-Mariners recap.

The only life the Mariners showed after their long layoff was when Jose Guillen gave reliever Brendan Donnelly a menacing stare after striking out at the start of the eighth. The two have a history dating to 2005, when they both played for the Los Angeles Angels and Guillen was suspended for a clubhouse tantrum.

Guillen was ejected and the benches cleared, but no punches were thrown. Donnelly hit the next batter, Kenji Johjima, and was ejected.

Say what? First, a “menacing stare” from Jose Guillen, after he strikes out, is enough to warrant an ejection and to clear the benches? Did Guillen say anything or do anything that was threatening? And why did Donnelly respond by hitting the next batter? Stupid, stupid.

It occurs to me that I have said absolutely nothing about the baseball season thus far, something I’ll try to remedy in the coming days. I will actually be able to watch the Dice-K Fenway debut, against Ichiro no less, on ESPN2 Wednesday night.



… OK, I see another account saying that Donnelly and Guillen exchanged words and Guillen tried to charge the mound. The scene looked like this.

Guillen gets angry

That’s what happens when Jose Guillen has too much pent-up aggression from four days of snow-outs in Cleveland. Also, very classy way for Brendan Donnelly to make an impression before the new home fans. You can chalk up my previous confusion to poorly edited AP copy.