Welcome to my corner of the internets. This blog is where I am going to post some writing when I’m hanging out around home and needing an outlet. Maybe I’ll have a serious point about politics or sports or a movie sometimes. Other times I’ll just post a catty comment about a photo or video. I’ll probably be messing around with the site design and the widgets sometimes too because I like to tinker with those things. And there will probably be links along the sidebar that I want to keep track of.

This probably isn’t so unique on the web, and I don’t have any delusion of grandeur that I’ll win a Pulitzer for this stuff. But if you end up here for some reason, hopefully you have a pleasant experience. My email is dimmykarras@yahoo.com, in case you prefer communicating that way.

No, Dimmy Karras is not my real name. My nom-de-blog comes from the name of the younger priest in the Exorcist. Father Damien Karras (“Dimmy” is his mother’s nickname for him) is a character in literature and film with whom I identify. You can read the book here. I have posted a favorite section here.


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