“Pay no attention to this attack ad I’m showing you…”

December 31, 2007

Mike Huckabee’s bizarre press conference today announced that he was not going to run the attack ad he was planning to air against Mitt Romney.  Of course, he proceeded to show the ad to a room full of laughing reporters and guaranteed the ad lots of free media coverage anyway. I suppose this qualifies as a cunning move within the context of this year’s Republican primary race.

I enjoyed a comment at TPM Election Central:

“My staff wanted to run this ad calling Mitt Romney a child molester, and I even have a dossier here backing that up, but I told them just now that’s not the way we run things. If Mitt Romney is a child molester, that’s his problem. We’re not going to go negative and actually call him a child molester to voters. That would be morally wrong and unchristian. God doesn’t want us to point out that Mitt Romney is a child molester.”

Either go negative or don’t but whatever you do, stop with the holier-than-thou schtick.