Michael Vick in Better Days

July 27, 2007

With the Michael Vick dog fighting arraignment hitting the national news today, it has come to my attention that there are plenty of people out there who are not aware of Vick’s body of work on the football field over the years. Specifically, my dad earlier this evening was wondering about who this Vick character was, and I explained that I’ve enjoyed seeing him play many times.

In thinking back on my favorite Vick-watching moments, I realized that his Virginia Tech performances left the deepest impression on me; exciting as Vick has been as a pro, he has never attained the lofty potential people saw in him and has always been considered a tantalizing disappointment. But when he first burst onto the football scene in 1999, he was an absolute sensation.

That’s all by way of introduction to a few YouTube clips. Here’s the game-winning drive in Tech’s win over West Virginia in November 1999, a victory that kept the Hokies alive for a berth in the national championship game (they lost to Florida State). On the drive, just when the Mountaineers look ready to claim the upset, Vick pulls of a scramble down the sideline to set up a late field goal.

The following season, I vividly remember seeing Vick play a game at Boston College where he simply could not be tackled by the defense. The 82-yard touchdown run, where Vick shakes off a defender who face masks him just before getting to the end zone, is just ridiculous.

I couldn’t find any clip, but I would have to say that the game Vick played in the Falcons 2002 tie at Pittsburgh is one of my favorite NFL viewing experiences ever. The wild card win at Lambeau field was also a lot of fun.

In conclusion, I hope these memories can remain, despite the awful imagery of dead animals that will now seemingly surround Vick’s name forever.