“What’s up with the shirt?”

August 3, 2007

While I’m posting old KG commercials, here’s Garnett and Brandi Chastain in a classic Nike spot.

He was really on fire with the commercials for a few years back in this era. In case you missed the reference in the ad, it’s to this.)


Seven Eleven as Kwik-E-Mart

July 1, 2007

Seven Eleven as Kwik-E-Mart

Story here.

“Go Long or Go Home” Is Told to Stay Home by CBS

April 25, 2007

CBS has banned from its air a Maxfli ad featuring John Daly boozing on a golf course and playing music in a bar.  Of course, this will do nothing but add to the interest in the commercial, which is on YouTube.

My conclusion upon viewing that is that perhaps John Daly should be banned from singing in public, forget about the alcohol stuff.

The CBS advertising policy also confused me.

Wade said that the CBS guidelines do not allow alcoholic beverages to appear in ads when an activity involves a level of alertness, the paper reported.

What is an activity that doesn’t require a “level of alertness”? I guess you can sit on the couch and watch TV while drinking a beer, though that wouldn’t be such an exciting commercial.