The Rev. Wright Ad

November 3, 2008

TPM notes that a GOP group ran an attack ad on Sunday Night Football featuring everyone’s favorite crazy preacher, Jeremiah Wright. I can report that the ad ran on the NBC affiliate in Washington, DC.

It was about what you would expect, including the well-worn sound bites like “God damn America.” I find it curious that they bleeped both the words “God” and “damn” in the ad. It’s presumably OK to say “God” and “damn” on their own, but turn them into a compound word and they become a curse phrase somehow–this has always puzzled me.



November 2, 2008

Which games are you getting this Sunday?

Frasier Crane for McCain

November 1, 2008

Looking through the junk emails, I had one from the RNC Wednesday that was a fundraising pitch from none other than Kelsey Grammer:

This is not an easy time to be conservative. In 6 days we might wake up to read that Barack Obama and liberal Democrats have seized total control of Washington.

Take it from me. For 20 years, I played Dr. Frasier Crane on TV, and it is not easy being openly Republican in a Democrat town like Hollywood. But even when the odds are against us, we must never stop fighting for this country.

Will you help stop liberals from seizing total control of our government?

Barack Obama and his liberal allies claim to support the working man. They want us to think they are all Joe and Jane Six Packs. But we all know — that when they think no one is listening — the liberal elite

They ridicule Sarah Palin…they laugh at Joe the Plumber…and they condescendingly refer to middle-class Americans as “bitter.”

Yes, the guy who played the effete Seattle psychiatrist on TV for years is now sneering via email about the “liberal elite.” Alrighty then. (And when did the unwashed masses take up residence in suburbia?

I guess Grammer also played the Republican president in Swing Vote, or so I hear.

Get “Trapped” All Over Again

August 15, 2007

New chapters of R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” are now out, and they are at, of all places.

Green Day does the Simpsons Theme

July 27, 2007

Seven Eleven as Kwik-E-Mart

July 1, 2007

Seven Eleven as Kwik-E-Mart

Story here.

“Did you know that every day Mexican gays sneak into this country and unplug our braindead ladies?”

May 23, 2007

I have returned, dear readers.