Bizarro Cabinet

November 13, 2008

The NYT has a fun page that lets you pick the Obama cabinet and compare your choices with those of others. I had a good laugh over some of the names that were within the top 20 for various positions, including the following, which would make for some freakishly awesome cabinet meetings:

  • Defense: Arnold Schwarzenegger (18th)
  • State: Noam Chomsky (16th)
  • Homeland Security: Ron Paul (8th)
  • Attorney General: John Edwards (8th) or Eliot Spitzer (14th)
  • Treasury: Ralph Nader (17th)

I think I can say with confidence that none of these individuals are actually in consideration for these positions. The #1 choices are Robert Gates, Bill Richardson, Richard Clarke, Janet Napolitano and Paul Volcker, as of this writing.



November 9, 2008

It’s on YouTube, for now.

Dissing Nancy Reagan

November 9, 2008

You know, I enjoy laughing about Nancy Reagan’s being crazy as much as anyone, but it sure seemed odd to see Barack Obama crack a joke at her expense in his first presser as president-elect. That can’t be the way to build a broad coalition with people of all backgrounds, which was a recurring theme on the campaign trail. Having to apologize shortly thereafter shows his advisers realize he was off base. I’d rather Obama spend his political capital on getting his agenda passed rather than on nonsense like this.

Load up on guns, bring your friends

November 9, 2008

The Raleigh News & Observer reports that gun enthusiasts are stocking up out of fear that increased gun control will make buying guns harder under a new Democratic administration:

“It’s been an absolute madhouse,” said Trey Pugh, a manager at Jim’s Pawn Shop in Fayetteville, which is selling 15 to 20 AR-15 assault rifles a day. “I’m getting guys come in and say I always wanted that gun, and give me that one too and that one and, oh, I need a gun safe, too.”

Distributors are running out of assault rifles, he said, and prices are rising.

On the stump, Obama didn’t discuss sweeping changes to gun laws. But his stance that local authorities should be able to make “sensible” laws has worried some, as has the fact that many Democrats in Congress favor additional restrictions. The NRA, among others, stoked these fears during the election.

Yes, having local authorities make sensible laws worries these people. God forbid we should have those sensible laws! Despite this, Obama did manage to win North Carolina somehow.

Bush’s Memoir

November 6, 2008

Steve Benen says that publishers aren’t too excited about getting Bush’s memoir. I find this curious. Just because a public figure is unpopular doesn’t necessarily mean people won’t want to read that public figure’s memoir, does it? Bush may have been a horrendous president, but he’s still a fascinating guy, in my view.

Matt Jones Calls Joey Porter Gay

November 6, 2008

Or at least he seems to be implying that much:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jacksonville receiver Matt Jones snapped back at Joey Porter on Thursday, a day after the outspoken Miami Dolphins linebacker questioned how Jones could still be playing despite having a felony cocaine charge against him earlier this year.

“I don’t even know why he’s even thinking about me,” Jones said. “I mean, maybe he likes other men and sits up and thinks about stuff, so I don’t know. … Is Joey Porter the commissioner? Then why would I even worry about it?”

Maybe he likes men?

We need Senator Palin

November 6, 2008

One part of me is wondering what is wrong with the people in Alaska. Electing a convicted felon to the Senate, despite the fact he’ll be thrown out once his appeal fails? Really? You want to be the first state ever to elect a convicted felon to the US Senate? Then again, when Stevens bites the dust, that gives Sarah Palin the chance to appoint herself to the seat, which gets her back onto the national political scene and primes her for the most awesomest 2012 campaign of all.

And awesome it will be. Sure, she may not fall for the prank calls next time around, but we’ll have ample opportunity to witness more shocking ignorance and inappropriate behavior, the full extent of which McCain advisers are now telling us about:

Sarah Palin spent “tens of thousands” more than the quoted $150,000 on clothes for the Republican campaign, met McCain aides in her hotel room dressed in nothing but a towel, and did not know Africa was a continent, according to new reports.

Fox news has reported that Mrs Palin did not understand that Africa was a continent, not a country, and did not know what countries were in the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Just to review, this was the Republican vice presidential nominee in the 2008 campaign.