Gilbert Arenas, Plagiarist

What is the world coming to when Gilbert Arenas, writing a blog for, steals material from a comedian? It seems like Arenas is trying a little too hard to maintain his reputation as the funny, kooky basketball guy.

I’ve written before that I find Arenas classless, and this is more evidence of that. You know all those people on the internet who think, “Oh, that zany Gilbert Arenas, I love him!”? I’m not one of them.

Arenas hands up

While I’m posting on the Wizards, at least Arenas didn’t get himself arrested for soliciting sex from an undercover cop like Andray Blatche did the other night. This all happened while a 5-year contract offer from the team was on the table, and his status with the Wiz is now up in the air — whoops!

Finally, in other NBA news, the Clippers are still cursed.


One Response to Gilbert Arenas, Plagiarist

  1. marquis says:

    Arenas is a funny but very weird guy.

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