Dice-K and his “Spouse”

I was watching Red Sox-Devil Rays a few minutes ago, and the sideline reporter said the Japanese media members were all excited because today is the first game Daisuke Matsuzaka has pitched where the catcher has been someone other than Jason Varitek (who is getting a day off after playing 12 innings last night). The reporter informed viewers that in Japanese culture, the catcher is considered to be the pitcher’s “spouse.” Then they go back to the booth, and Jerry Remy says, “So Daisuke today is cheating on Jason Varitek?”

Dice-K and Varitek

I’m guessing the Japanese have some other connotation for “spouse” that gets lost in the translation.


2 Responses to Dice-K and his “Spouse”

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  2. firedannyainge says:

    I missed the game while at work (though I listened to teh radio guy who is getting much better)


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