Allan Ray Waived, Jokes About Name Confusion Prevented

I was actually kinda sad to see that Allan Ray was waived by the Celtics and that he will be playing in Italy this season, rather than for the Green alongside newly acquired Ray Allen. The bizarre comedic potential was pretty high there. Oh well.

Luckily for Allan Ray, he will get paid $2 million overseas, rather than the $600k or so his Celtics deal would have called for. And he also won’t be stuck on the bench because the guy getting all of the minutes at his position happens to have his first and last names inverted. On the negative side, the name jokes could have become what Allan Ray was known for; instead, he will still be primarily known for getting his eye poked out during the Big East Tournament, which is a lot less humorous.


3 Responses to Allan Ray Waived, Jokes About Name Confusion Prevented

  1. Marquis says:

    I was really surprised that they waved Allan Ray. I thought he was pretty good. Be sure to check out

  2. firedannyainge says:

    I am not surprised they dumped him. No way Wyc will pay a luxery tax because all he cares about is making money.

    Allan Ray was average. He would be playing in the NBA for someone like Atlanta if he was as talented as Celtics fans in general feel their entire team is.

    (not my site)

  3. Baseball is the greatest game in the world. I’m excited about the new season. Should be fantastic.

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