I Wanna Be Your Plaintiff!

The multilingual Avril Lavigne has been sued for allegedly ripping off a 70s band. The handy song comparison is at YouTube.

Similar as these may be, pop songs sound alike all the time. Whether this meets the legal standard of “substantially similar” I can’t say.

More info here.

Lavigne’s Vancouver-based manager, Terry McBride, CEO of Nettwerk Music Group, claims the suit “has no basis. There’s nothing similar (between the two songs),” he says. “Our musicologist says there is no similarities of melody, choral progression or meter.”

McBride, however, may settle the suit out of court if the costs of defending the case start to prove too high. He says, “You are forced to consider doing this because American lawyers can do these cases on contingency. If I defend and win, it costs me $300,000 U.S. If I go to get my costs back, the other party declares bankruptcy. You end up footing the bill.”

McBride adds, “Avril has insurance that covers off these sort of suits that are so prevalent in this business.”

So the lawsuit is probably not going to end up in court.


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