Don’t you wish you could just go down to the bank and get them to issue a cashier’s check for that sum?

Libby’s friends and supporters have raised more than $5 million to cover legal fees and were continuing to raise money but Libby paid the fine himself, according to someone close to the fund who spoke on condition of anonymity because details of the account are private. The cashiers check filed with the court was issued in Libby’s name.

Meanwhile, Tony Snow called “chutzpah” on the Clintons for criticizing the commutation, predictably bringing up Marc Rich, just like the cranks who write in to the Boston Globe (third item). The fun response: do you remember that Rich’s lawyer was none other than Scooter Libby? The serious response: Clinton’s act was payback for receiving campaign cash from Rich’s wife, which is bad, but Bush’s act shielded his own White House from the legal consequences of its law-breaking, which is shameful.

And while I’m at the Globe, here’s the Wasserman cartoon from July 4.

Wasserman 7.4.07


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