A Racially Charged Version of Laci Peterson

CNN’s obsession with missing white women has been well documented, but this latest missing woman-turned-murder story is really the perfect storm. Laci Peterson already proved the durability of the “murdered pregnant woman” narrative. That’s a tacit nod to the pro-lifers who celebrate the notion of talking about an unborn baby by name on the TV. I think there’s also another unspoken element to this story, though, as the images of tonight’s coverage have made clear. Here is what the victim looks like.


pregnant lady who was killed

And here is what her alleged killer and the father of her child looks like.


alleged killer of pregnant lady

As they say, two pictures worth many more words. In case you were wondering why this particular missing person case, of the many that occur in the United States on an ongoing basis, has received so much media attention, that’s my theory.


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