Does Linkin Park Have a Point Here?

Let me first say that I like Linkin Park; they’re the best rap-rock fusion going, and their music gets the blood pumping. That said, what is up with their new music video?

Arresting imagery, yes. A coherent message? I don’t see one. And how did they get away with showing the World Trade Center collapsing? I thought airing video of that had become taboo. Anyway, I’ll turn it over to the band.

MC Mike Shinoda told Launch that the clip, which switches between the band performing and stock footage of world events, was definitely intended to make a statement. “I think there’s a certain, a few different statements being made in the video,” he said. “It’s very, you know, aware of the social and political climates here in the States and in the world, and, you know, it’s not meant to be political per se — we’re not a very political band, I don’t think anything’s being said in the video that has never been said before. I just think that this video is the kind of thing that could start conversations and get people thinking, and that’s exactly what we want.”

OK, but what kind of conversations? What kind of thinking? The video seems to me to show lots of bad things people have caused, from international poverty to environmental degradation. Is this supposed to encourage activism to fix these problems? I just felt disgusted about the world after watching. Nickelback did this sort of thing a lot better in their recent video, I think.


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