Lou Dobbs Should Read the Newspaper

For some reason I was feeling masochistic and decided to read a Lou Dobbs screed about (what else?) the May Day immigration rallies. He says the following.

I’ll bet you know about the illegal alien amnesty marches, but I don’t know of a single news organization, electronic or print that pointed out that May 1 is America’s Law Day.

A little indie rag known as the Washington Post ran this column yesterday on its op-ed page. Those of us who are proficient at finding stuff on the interwebs  can easily find plenty of what Dobbs calls “electronic news organizations” that gave Law Day some attention. But don’t let that get in the way of your predetermined views!

Here’s a dog-bites-man story about LAPD brutality against minorities yesterday.


2 Responses to Lou Dobbs Should Read the Newspaper

  1. Just out of curiosity what are your predetermined views on illegal aliens?

  2. dimmykarras says:

    I don’t have a full-fledged national immigration policy proposal to offer, if that’s what you’re asking. I have not studied the issue enough to have that well formed of a view. I can understand the need to regulate the border and prevent people from sneaking into the country, but I also think that illegals who have been in the US for years, working jobs and raising families, deserve to stay. I’m aware that that could be seen as somewhat contradictory, and I struggle with how to reconcile my partial agreement with both sides in the debate.

    The part of my view that is predetermined is that this a complicated issue that simple-minded pundits like Lou Dobbs do a dreadful job covering. For example, he could do a simple internet search before making erroneous claims in his column. Too often the talking heads on cable news resort to demagoguery.

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