NBA Playoff Picks

Before the booing of Vince Carter begins in Toronto at 12:30pm, I guess I’ll make some NBA playoff picks.

I like Detroit over Orlando, Cleveland over Washington, Toronto over New Jersey, and Miami over Chicago in the East. Then Detroit over Miami and Cleveland over Toronto. Detroit beats Cleveland in the Eastern Conference Finals.

In the West, I’ll take Dallas over Golden State, Phoenix over LA, San Antonio over Denver, and Houston over Utah. Dallas beats Houston and Phoenix takes San Antonio in round two. Dallas will defeat Phoenix in a rematch of last year’s Western Conference Finals.

In the NBA Finals, I will take Dallas over Detroit.

Yes, I am picking all higher-seeded teams except for the Miami victory in round one. This will probably not all come to pass, but for the most part I think there’s good reason the teams are seeded where they are. The NBA playoffs aren’t exactly full of upsets from year to year, and with seven-game series in the opening round, the chances of seeing a Denver or New Jersey overcome the opponent’s homecourt advantage drops dramatically.

I’m just excited to see some exciting basketball. Dallas-Golden State, the series I’m most anticipating, doesn’t begin until Sunday at 9:30, the last of the eight to get underway.


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  1. […] a competitive series, but I still expected Dallas to prevail in six games (and eventually win the championship — so much for that prognostication). Rather than being the “Road Warriors” I […]

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