Desperate Republicans Unintentionally Reveal GOP Strategy

I found the following quote from today’s NYT article on Republicans’ misgivings about the presidential race to be revealing:

Katon Dawson, the party chairman in South Carolina, expressed confidence that the party would recover from any internal damage it suffered as its candidates took shots at each other.

“We don’t do well until we have a common enemy,” Mr. Dawson said. “Right now, our enemy is ourselves.”

The “common enemy” could just be a reference to the Democratic nominee, but it also could be short-hand for the GOP’s favorite bogeymen: antiwar activists, illegal immigrants, gays, France, etc. This was the small-minded campaign strategy leaked from the Romney camp in February, and it’s typical Republican politics of polarization straight from the Rove playbook. We’ve seen how well that has served us these past few years.

To be fair, the article goes on to quote someone else with different ideas.

“What Republicans have to do here in the next year is do something other than complain about the Democrats,” Mr. Fahrenkopf said. “What they have to do is take an issue — and I happen to believe the issue is immigration — they have to push very strongly for it.”

At least that’s a more positive approach of pushing for change on an issue that’s inportant to the country. I fear, however, that a Republican campaign on immigration will end up looking like this.


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