No More White House Press Dinners, Please

These things are an embarrassment every year. In 2004, there was the hideous joking about the WMDs from Bush. Last year, there was the whole Stephen Colbert episode that led to idiotic reaction when someone dared actually to make jokes at the expense of the president and press corpse. Now we have Karl Rove rapping in the  deplorable 2007 edition.

R.J. Eskow has a good item on this at the Huffington Post:

Bear in mind that the real subject of Rove’s humor was the conviction of a senior White House official for committing a felony while serving this Administration. Make that three felonies. Proven, beyond a reasonable doubt. That would be three felonies committed by someone on Rove’s team.

Three felonies that involved using journalists to destroy a woman’s career, to hurt her husband for telling the truth.

Ha-ha, the reporters laughed gamely.

Meanwhile, new evidence is emerging that Rove was directly involved in the firing of Federal prosecutors. That directly contradicts what this same Administration told this same group of correspondents.

David Gregory’s a fine reporter, but his uncomfortable routine doesn’t just illustrate the impropriety of joking around with people who may have committed serious crimes. It also demonstrates how inappropriate it is to hold these events with an Administration that deceived a nation into war – a deception that was enabled in large part by the same chatty familiarity being displayed at tonight’s dinner.

One day we will look back on this era with shame.


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