Mary Tillman Deserves a Congressional Hearing

Pat Tillman’s mom is angry about how the military handled the death of her son and she spoke out on Tuesday in an interview that aired on Dan Patrick’s radio show. Unfortunately for the Pentagon, this woman is very well spoken and doesn’t sound like she will be backing down. Via this blog, here’s an extended clip of the interview that aired on Keith Olbermann’s Countdown Tuesday night:

It’s a truly shameful episode of the military brass lying to the public about the death of a well-known soldier to suit its own purposes, and it deserves a full congressional hearing, which Mrs. Tillman called for. The NYT editorial page agrees.

I first heard Mrs. Tillman’s remarks Tuesday night on ESPNNews. After the story ended, they went to commercials, and ironically¬† one of the ads to air was for the US Army, trying to get the young male sports viewers of America to enlist. I have a feeling the efficacy of that ad was rather diminished following the Tillman piece.

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