YouTube Keeps Killing Mitt Romney

As if the 1994 and 2002 debate clips weren’t enough, now we’ve got Mitt Romney on YouTube endorsing Rocky Anderson for mayor of Salt Lake City in a TV commercial from 2003.

In case you missed it, Anderson was featured in the New York Times a few days ago because he takes a notably strong stance against George Bush in Utah of all places.

“President Bush is a war criminal,” Mr. Anderson, a Democrat, said at a rally here on Monday marking the fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq. “Let impeachment be the first step toward national reconciliation — and toward penance for the outrages committed in our nation’s name.”

So yeah, another hurdle for Mitt Romney. Damn web videos! Just wait until someone posts his remarks from South Florida earlier this week…


One Response to YouTube Keeps Killing Mitt Romney

  1. […] on the Romney candidacy has to be the easiest job in politics, good grief. (And to add to my Romney YouTube argument from last week, here’s Mitt’s friendly chat with Ann Coulter, just shortly before this […]

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