Friday Night Document Dump

The big news coming out Friday night in the US Attorney scandal is that newly released emails show Alberto Gonzales was a lot more closely involved in removing them than he had previously admitted. Josh Marshall sarcastically notes that the release of “new and very daming emails” coming after the previous document dump was “of course, just an oversight” and he quotes the NYT:

Department officials said there had not been an intentional effort to delay the release of the new material. Instead, they said, the e-mail messages were overlooked in past searches of office files and computers.

And, not so coincidentally, the damaging information was finally released late on a Friday evening, perfectly timed to get the story the least public attention possible.  This practice of the Bush administration has been repeated over and over for the last six years, and I would be interested to see a full study of this tactic if one exists somewhere.


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