A Farewell to Trav

Bob Travaglini has resigned as president of the Massachusetts State Senate, and he is being replaced by Senator Therese Murray, the first female leader of either chamber of the state legislature.

Murray banner

While some might choose to put more emphasis in Murray’s more liberal politics, especially the implications for future gay marriage challenges, Howie Carr keeps in mind what’s truly important: mocking Trav on his way out and Murray on her way up.

Trav was putting out the word yesterday he is thinking of going into the influence-peddling business with Tom Kiley, the lawyer for such ethical titans as Billy Bulger and Paul Kujawski. Mark me down as skeptical. I mean, if you told me Kiley was thinking about opening a safehouse, I’d say, that sounds about right. But a lobbying firm – no way. 

Opening your own business sounds a lot like work, something Trav has managed to avoid almost totally for 55 years now. 

So the king is dead, long live the queen, Sen. Therese Murray of Plymouth. She’s quite charming, a graduate of the Bulger Finishing School. Wanna another stick-a gum, sailor? I’m not saying she’s rough around the edges, but how many people have to go on record in their local newspaper as denying they were ever on welfare?

What’s she like? Imagine if Leona Helmsley were from Dorchester. 

Howie Carr, on the other hand, is a perfect gentleman.


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