NCAA First Round: Thursday Early Games

I’ll see how much I can post here this afternoon amid my other obligations. I am in DC where I assume we’ll be getting the Maryland, Georgetown, and GW games back-to-back-to-back, most likely followed by Duke-Virginia Commonwealth and then North Carolina tonight (this is ACC country). USA Today reports what percentages of the country will see which games, but I haven’t yet found a handy TV distribution map like the ones used for the NFL games.

Here’s a Maryland-Davidson live blog.

You can watch any of the games you want live on the web here. More later.

1:30 UPDATE: Wow, Louisville is killing Stanford. This proves that “Cardinals” plural can kick the crap out of a singular “Cardinal.” Meanwhile, at halftime, both BC-Texas Tech and Davidson-Maryland are tight ones. I’m in the awkward position of being a BC fan who picked them to lose. I’ll probably be stuck with the Maryland game (I’m not even at a TV yet, but a few minutes from lunch time) because MMOD isn’t working so well thus far.

2:30 UPDATE: The first game of the tournament goes final, and I am already 0-1 in my picks. At least it’s BC moving on, almost certain to meet Georgetown on Saturday. Fortunately Maryland is going to hold on against Davidson. Now we’re stuck with the Louisville-Stanford blowout to watch until the other games begin.


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