NCAA First Round: Thursday Night

Well, I was wrong about picking Duke tonight (and to make the Sweet 16, dammit). The Blue Devils ended the year on another four-game losing streak, dropping games to Maryland and Carolina to close the regular season, then an opening round game in the ACC tournament to NC State, and finally a first-round NCAA game to Virginia Commonwealth tonight. I must have overestimated Duke because I saw them beat BC pretty soundly twice. Plenty of others were calling this upset, so good for them.

Will VCU be able to wear out Pittsburgh with the press like they wore out Duke tonight? (Sorry, Wright State, I am assuming the Panthers will beat you.) I don’t know what kind of depth Pitt has at guard, and that will be a crucial factor on Saturday–poor Greg Paulus was exhausted by the end of the game tonight. So long as Pitt has multiple guys who can bring the ball up against the VCU pressure, they should be able to feed Aaron Gray in the post and be fine. But if they tire as Duke did, VCU could be the cinderella for 2007.

Now we’ve got two blowouts (Pitt and North Carolina) and two intriguing games: BYU-Xavier and Indiana-Gonzaga. This could be fun, and I’ve even got March Madness in Demand working on my Mac laptop! To end for now, Bill Simmons provided a broken YouTube link to Gus Johnson’s orgasmic stylings from last year’s UCLA-Gonzaga conclusion, so here you go.

10:40PM UPDATE: Naturally, as soon as I post this Wright State goes on a big run to tie Pitt. Another piece of evidence to show that I know nothing.

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