NCAA First Round: Thursday Late Afternoon

We’ve got Georgetown-Belmont on TV in DC, and we’re probably stuck with it no matter how lopsided the score becomes. I am on a Mac and thus unlikely ever to get the March Madness on Demand to work for me, though I may try tonight. It’s too bad we’ve got Georgetown because the WSU-Oral Roberts and ODU-Butler games should be more exciting.

Butler has been on my bad side ever since I picked them, as a #12 seed, to pull of a first-round upset of #5 seed Florida in the 2000 tourney. Florida won that game on a Mike Miller buzzer-beater in OT, and the Gators advanced all the way to the final game, where they lost to Michigan State. That was a dispiriting way to start out the tournament for my bracket last year, and I’ve never really let it go. Now the shoe is on the other foot, with Butler the #5 seed facing #12 Old Dominion, and I have picked ODU. You know what that means: Butler wins on a buzzer beater.

I’ll be tied up until 6pm or so, by which time this may have already happened.

6PM UPDATE: I see it didn’t even take a buzzer beater for Butler to advance. We have no upsets yet, and so I have been wrong on the two upsets I predicted. Now we’re stuck watching the GW bloodbath in the DC area, with Vandy showing no mercy. I don’t think much of the country is getting this game right? It’s the only one going on at the moment, that would be unfortunate if it were nationally televised. Interesting that both 6-11 matchups have been total mismatches so far. I mentioned in my rambling preview that neither Stanford nor GW really belonged in this tournament, and at least that prognostication of mine is proving correct.

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