Rolling Stone Gets Shrill

I highly doubt that Robert Kagan would approve of this article:

The war in Iraq isn’t over yet, but — surge or no surge — the United States has already lost. That’s the grim consensus of a panel of experts assembled by Rolling Stone to assess the future of Iraq.

The link comes via Kevin Drum, who cautions, “don’t click the link unless you’ve taken your Prozac today.” Despite my lack of the prescription, I clicked the link anyway, and it is pretty damn dire. I actually found myself laughing at the absurdity of how bad the situation is.

Rolling Stone says the “Best-Case Scenario” is “Civil War in Iraq and a Stronger Al Qaeda” — basically what we have right now. The “Most Likely Scenario” is “Years of Ethnic Cleansing and War with Iran” — yeah, that doesn’t sound very good, and I sure can see us heading down that path. The real kicker is that Rolling Stone declares the “Worst-Case Scenario” to be “World War III.”

So, where’s the Prozac?

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