The Irony-Proof Peter King

In his Monday column at, Peter King offers this non-football thought:

How sad at the Oscars. The Departed kicked tail. I say that’s bad because … well, have you seen it? Did the gore bother you? The over-the-top, pandering, blood-gurgling murderous spree was too much for me. We must be inured to it by now, because the Academy voted Oscars not only for the movie but also for Martin Scorsese for making the flick. What’s next, I wonder. A beheading in Times Square? Gouging someone’s eyes out? So sad we seem to be in search of the next great gruesome thing in movies.

Did I mention that this is a professional football reporter bemoaning the glorification of violence? To respond to King, yes, I have seen it. The movie is really good because of the characters, the snappy dialogue, and the suspense. A movie about the mob is also going to be rather violent, and if that’s not King’s cup of tea perhaps he should stay away from mob films in the future (and maybe he shouldn’t look too closely at what goes on at the line of scrimmage either).


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