Ottawa-Buffalo Brawl Video

Via here, it’s Thursday night’s NHL fight.

The TV announcers seemed downright giddy — so much for the NHL doing anything to frown upon the fisticuffs, I guess. Much more is at The teams play again tomorrow night.


2 Responses to Ottawa-Buffalo Brawl Video

  1. I love goalie fights and the fact that they think they are supposed to fight each other just because they are both goaltenders, though I don’t like that Ottawa’s goalie had a smirk on his face the whole time he was fighting. That should be an interesting game tomorrow.

  2. dimmykarras says:

    Based on what the TV guys were saying, it sounds like Ray Emery, the Ottawa goalie, is a known fighter, and the Buffalo goalie not so much, hence the smiling. Buffalo’s enforcer then came over to fight Emery, which was also out of line–the goalie is semi-protected in this ritual, and goalies are supposed to only fight each other, I gather (one of those unwritten rules).

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