The Not-so-Violent Cheney Protests Down Under

Dick Cheney is visiting Australia, and some antiwar activists aren’t so pleased with him over there either, hence the public display of disagreement with the American veep.

Cops face down Cheney protesters in Sydney

Via Raw Story comes this first-hand account of the allegedly violent protests in Sydney. It turns out that the minimal “violence” consisted of a little pushing and shoving that members of the media instigated themselves so as to have the picture they wanted. Basically, this is a non-story, says our reporter on the scene.

If you stripped the 350 (or 500) strong crowd of “Anti-Cheney” protesters down to those who actually turned up to protest, and weren’t involved in the organisation of the protest itself, you’d be hard-pressed to come up with a number bigger than 80.

And it still made news all the way around the world.

Amazing stuff.

“Violent Protest”?

I’ve seen more violence in the Seafood Buffet line at the Sydney Casino.

Aren’t blogs wonderful?


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