Mitt Romney, 2002 Edition

That 1994 debate clip of Mitt Romney taking all sorts of liberal positions on social issues has been a big hit on the internets these past few months. Now Matt Yglesias draws attention to the even more recent 2002 gubernatorial debate between Romney and Democrat Shannon O’Brien in which Romney again professed his pro-choice bona fides to all who would listen. Why the 2002 debate clip hasn’t received more attention than the 1994 clip (which can more easily be shrugged off as a position Romney has evolved away from over time), I don’t know. According to the data on YouTube, the 2002 clip has been viewed 8,921 times, whereas the 1994 clip has been viewed 66,735 times.


One Response to Mitt Romney, 2002 Edition

  1. […] over time, from Al Gore to Dick Gephardt to George Bush the Elder. It’s not the same thing as Mitt Romney stating his belief in abortion rights in 2002. Rudy even has hair in the video, which means it must be from way […]

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