He didn’t get up this time

Dwyane Wade dislocated his left shoulder in the Miami Heat loss to Houston Wednesday night. He was crying in pain on the bench and eventually had to be taken away in a wheelchair it was so bad. Having suffered a left shoulder dislocation myself a few years ago, I can attest to the fact that this injury hurts like hell. I was pretty freaked out that my arm was out of its socket, and having the emergency room doctor pop it back in was really unpleasant to say the least — you can feel your bones grinding against each other before things snap back into place.

Wade in Wheelchair

My arm was in a sling for six weeks, and the Miami Herald story I linked above gives an initial estimate that Wade might miss six weeks of action. We don’t know how severe it was, but based on how hurt Wade looked Wednesday night on the bench, a lengthy absence sounds plausible. Fantasy owners might want to grab Eddie Jones. This is obviously bad for the Heat, who sit in the eighth position in the Eastern Conference (they were tied with Orlando for seventh entering Wednesday night). A lot of the All-Star break articles previewing the remainder of the NBA season focused on how high Miami could climb and whether they could get their house in order to make another playoff run. Now they may have to fight just to make the playoffs.

This untimely injury also ruins the much-anticipated Thursday night NBA Finals rematch of the Heat and Mavericks in Dallas (on TNT at 9:30 eastern). In case you missed it, Wade called out Nowitzki in the media a few weeks ago and there was some coolness between the stars in Vegas. All the build-up was for naught, it seems.


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