Bigoted voters still exist

Romney’s religion is bringing to light some interesting polling data.

In a diverse 2008 presidential field that includes a woman and an African American on the Democratic side, polls show being Mormon is a handicap. In a new USA TODAYGallup Poll, 72% say they would vote for a qualified nominee who is Mormon. That compares with 94% for a black nominee and 88% for a female nominee.

Who are these people who still won’t vote for black or female candidates? It’s amazing to me that this many people even admit their prejudice in a poll like this.

Apparently it’s still even more acceptable to discriminate on the basis of someone’s religious beliefs, or lack thereof. Being an atheist would be an even bigger handicap, with recent polling suggesting only around half of the public would vote for a non-believer in God.

There are plenty of other reasons to oppose the Romney candidacy, but the man’s religious background is not one of them. You can look at his record in Massachusetts and see that he didn’t exactly push for laws that would allow polygamy. In fact, I think the evangelical agenda might fare better with Romney in the White House because he will be so eager to prove he’s in their corner. He won’t be able to take their support for granted like Bush has.

The disingenuous courting of extremist conservatives, now that’s a good reason to oppose Romney.

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