The Guardian claims to know of plans to bomb Iran

I’m going to need a new “Iran” category for the blog with the confrontation between Tehran and the Bush administration heating up and the Guardian reporting that bombs could start falling as soon as this spring, or maybe next year.

US preparations for an air strike against Iran are at an advanced stage, in spite of repeated public denials by the Bush administration, according to informed sources in Washington.

The present military build-up in the Gulf would allow the US to mount an attack by the spring. But the sources said that if there was an attack, it was more likely next year, just before Mr Bush leaves office.

Neo-conservatives, particularly at the Washington-based American Enterprise Institute, are urging Mr Bush to open a new front against Iran. So too is the vice-president, Dick Cheney. The state department and the Pentagon are opposed, as are Democratic congressmen and the overwhelming majority of Republicans. The sources said Mr Bush had not yet made a decision.

Why is this not a bigger story in the United States? Sure, we hear about the Bush administration’s saber rattling, but only a few intrepid reporters like Seymour Hersh ever seem to dig into what’s really going on. Fortunately, in the internet age we can read papers from other countries when our own press does a lousy job.

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