State Sen. Scott Brown, Potty Mouth

According to the Boston Globe, State Senator Scott Brown dropped a pair of f-bombs, among other inappropriate language, while addressing a high school audience yesterday. His defense is that the language he read was from messages posted about him and his family to, but isn’t a public official supposed to have a thicker skin about that sort of thing? Is it really necessary to throw it back in the faces of a bunch of high school kids who have to come listen to you speak? Perhaps there was a better way to handle this incident.

What amazes me is that the Globe describes Brown, who was only elected to the Senate in 2004, as “a rising star in the state’s depleted Republican ranks” and a potential challenger to John Kerry in 2008 (now that Curt Schilling apparently won’t be available).

The controversy has arisen because Brown is a vocal opponent of gay marriage. The Globe article recounts that in 2001 Brown “disparaged Democratic state Senator Cheryl Jacques and her domestic partner, Jennifer Chrisler, for deciding to have children.” The high school kids profane attacks on him stemmed from their view that Brown is wrong on issues of gay rights, and I think this blog gets it right:

Here is a guy who has gone on the public record as opposing equal rights for homosexuals. People disagreed with him and, in doing so, called him some nasty names. Instead of letting it roll off, he blasts back like a five-year-old and whines about being “victimised.” Well boo-hoo, Senator Crybaby, not everyone is going to agree with your wrongheaded point of view and certainly not everyone is going to play nice about it.

Again, the profane attacks on someone’s family are out of line, but 1) these are high school kids posting on Facebook, and 2) a state senator should be ready to deal with a certain amount of this stuff as a matter of course. More here:

Student Rachel William, who was present at the assembly of about 80 sophomores, said, “He was doing it loudly and pretty angrily. Some of the teachers tried to stop him, and said things like ‘You shouldn’t be naming students.’”

And finally, a few years back the Romney is a Fraud blog remembered Brown’s modeling past (all the links to the photos in question are dead now, but I think you get the idea from the text).


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