“It’s hard to remember when so many had so much to say about so few.”

Instapundit linked to this Pajamas Media write-up of the Edwards bloggers story last night, and the story was so off-base that I could find the inaccuracies without even wearing any pajamas.

First off, it said flatly that the Edwards campaign had fired the bloggers yesterday, only to post an update today when it became clear that there was no firing. The story that they had been fired was first reported on Salon yesterday, which Pajamas linked, but the story made clear that there was as yet no statement from the campaign, which indicated that something else could be in the works. After the Salon story was immediately beaten back, no one ran with it, except apparently for the lazy Pajamas people. By contrast, TPM Cafe’s Election Central post on the subject made clear that, as of yesterday, the fate of the bloggers remained uncertain.

Second, the story on Pajamas says that the bloggers intentionally deleted some of their more controversial past writings. This charge was initially made on the Hotline blog a few days ago and later discredited when it came to light that server problems had in fact erased lots of old Pandagon posts. The Hotline blogger then apologized for making the charge. Somehow it still ends up in the Pajamas story, and even after commenters point out this problem the story is uncorrected on this point.

Finally, the story snidely links to lots of other blogs that have commented on the Edwards blogger story, as if to say this is all insignificant blog navel-gazing (hence the quote that is in the title of this post, which InstaPundit pulled). Maybe reading a few of those posts would’ve revealed the facts of the situation to the Pajamas writer. And of course blog-related items will naturally get more coverage on blogs than in other forms of media, but it’s not like this is just some tempest in a blogspot either. ABC, CNN, and the New Yok Times have covered this story, and now the Catholic League is vowing a year-long campaign attacking John Edwards over this, which sounds like a pretty big deal.

Let it suffice to say that I’m not so impressed with Pajamas Media.


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