Introducing Romney Watch

Another GOP candidate making the most of the media’s willingness to give extended coverage to anything that’s deemed an announcement is Mitt Romney, who is planning a formal announcement next week.

Romney, who has most recently lived in Massachusetts and Utah, is going back to Michigan, where he grew up and where his dad was governor, to make things official (it also happens to be an important early primary state, go figure). The announcement will be made from the Henry Ford Center, which might dismay some of Romney’s friends from AIPAC. Then the former Massachusetts Governor will return to the Bay State where he’ll be raising money next Thursday (link via TPM Election Central). Good thing he hasn’t been brainwashed by those crazy liberals in Massachusetts and is running as the candidate of conservatism.

Mitt exploratory

As a lifelong resident of Massachusetts until 2004, I’ll be paying extra attention to Romney in the upcoming weeks and months, and that will be reflected on the blog. I can tell you up front that I strongly dislike him. I think the Romney is a Fraud blog needs to start up again because all the other Romney-related blogs I’ve found seem to be promoting him. Perhaps I’ll even engage the Mittsters in a bit of friendly dialogue, who knows. One thing I will give the ex-guv is that he does keep things interesting, and with McCain imploding and Giuliani trying too hard to finesse his progressive social views with Republican voters, I think things actually could break Romney’s way in the primaries.

One Response to Introducing Romney Watch

  1. Justin says:

    Welcome to the fray! I agree with you on one thing…. things will break Romney’s way in the primaries.

    Looking forward to starting the dialogue.

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