Does this look like a bomb to you?

Aqua Teen “bomb”

The Globe already has an editorial up railing against the Cartoon Network for causing a bomb scare in Boston today. But whose fault is this bizarre story anyway, the advertiser’s for putting these things around the city, or the authorities’ for mistakenly thinking they could be explosives? I understand that the police have to assume the worst in these situations and take all precautions. At the same time, shouldn’t they feel a wee bit embarrassed about all this?

I think the whole situation could’ve been avoided if Turner had followed normal advertising protocol, which would involve getting some sort of clearance to advertise in a public place, or at least labeling their ads as such. Isn’t it not OK to go and dump these objects in busy parts of a city with no go-ahead from local government of any type beforehand? I don’t think the city would like it if I left a bag of trash from my home on a street corner, so how is this any different?


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